Limp Bizkit have just released the new song 'Endless Slaughter.' The band originally intended to make the song available strictly on cassette tape, but in a 21st century twist, 'Endless Slaughter' can now be downloaded for free.

Plans for Limp Bizkit's seventh studio album, 'Stampede of the Disco Elephants,' have been long in the process. It was all the way back in April 2013 that Limp Bizkit revealed the track 'Ready to Go,' which features a guest appearance by Lil Wayne. Besides a cover of Ministry's 'Thieves' released back in November 2013, updates on 'Stampede of the Disco Elephants' have been rare, but the new song 'Endless Slaughter' puts an end to the drought.

'Endless Slaughter' is definitely one of the weirdest songs Limp Bizkit have ever put out. The track begins with a simple djent riff while Fred Durst delivers unhinged vocals that you'd normally find in a post-hardcore band or a song by the Vines.

The song changes drastically in the middle, with Fred Durst doing his best Chino Moreno impression over ambient noise. The weirdness continues as Durst gets even more bizarre with his vocals, answering the age-old question of, "What would Marilyn Manson sound like if he was a robot?"

The song's final shift goes into hip hop territory, more familiar to the sound Limp Bizkit have stuck with for the past two decades.

What the hell is this song?!?! To download the unorthodox new track for free, click here. Limp Bizkit will soon be heading on a U.S. tour. For the full stretch of dates, click here.

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