Though Linkin Park are in the midst of supporting their 'The Hunting Party' album, they've taken the time to help out DJ Joe Hahn, who recently directed his first film, 'Mall.' Several Linkin Park members have lent their musical contributions to the film's soundtrack, and now one of the 'Mall' soundtrack cuts, 'White Noise,' is available as a free download.

The track, which features a very distinctive toy piano sound in certain parts, is also accentuated by Chester Bennington's heavy vocals and a fast-paced beat. As Mike Shinoda recently revealed at the premiere screening of 'Mall' in Los Angeles, Hahn handpicked 10 demos from throughout Linkin Park's career as a starting point for the music in the film. From there, Hahn, Shinoda, Bennington and bassist Dave Farrell began to work up the songs. Shinoda called Hahn's selections more "raw, stream of consciousness" pieces of music, which fit well within the construct of the film.

If you like what you hear in the player above, Linkin Park are currently offering 'White Noise' as a free download in return for your email address. Check here for details.

'Mall' is currently playing in select theaters around the country and will also hit digital platforms as well. Check your local theater listings for screenings and get more information on the film here.

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