Machine Gun Kelly has certainly grown the scope of his audience ever since he delved into the world of pop punk, but not everyone is happy about it. Following the release of his latest single "Papercuts," the musician has taken to TikTok to defend his genre experimentation.

"Me, drops a rock song — 'Oh, he doesn't rap anymore!' Me, drops a rap song - 'Oh, he doesn't do rock anymore!'" he grunted in a selfie-video. "Shut the fuck up! God damn!"

"I'm not fucking dying tomorrow, I just drop music!" he shouted.

Watch the clip below.

We can honestly relate to MGK's comments. While the musician became famous for being a rapper, his rock star transformation started when he was cast as Tommy Lee in the Motley Crue film The Dirt. 

His first major dabble as an actual rock musician was on the song "I Think I'm Okay" with Travis Barker and Yungblud, and then he released Tickets to My Downfall in 2020, which became one of only a handful of rock records to top the Billboard 200 last year in addition to AC/DC's Power Up. 

"Papercuts" followed in Tickets to My Downfall's footsteps, but added a slightly darker and more melodic edge. There's definitely more of an emphasis placed on the guitars this time around, and considering all of the times he's praised Kurt Cobain's style and attitude, this came as no surprise.

For those who aren't happy with his rap-to-rock transformation — sorry, but it looks like it's here to stay for now. Who doesn't want to see more guitars in the mainstream?

See some reactions to the song below.

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