Machine Gun Kelly won't face criminal charges for an alleged assault on a parking lot attendant. The bizarre claim against MGK stems from an incident where the rapper/pop-punk artist and his crew allegedly pushed a 49-year-old man.

MGK was reportedly filming a movie with Mod Sun called Good Mourning With a U when John Martin Tilli asked the rapper if he had a permit to film in the Studio City parking lot. Tilli apparently parked his car where MGK and Mod Sun were filming when the film crew asked the parking lot attendant to move his car. According to Tilli, MGK and his production crew then became aggressive, surrounding him and pushing him from the back and front.

According to TMZ, the 49-year-old Tilli filed charges against MGK for assault, battery, negligence and elder abuse. Sources tell the gossip news site that Tilli’s claims are completely false and that although MGK yelled at Tilli, he didn’t make physical contact with him.

The L.A. City Attorney’s Office has reportedly rejected the case against MGK due to a lack of evidence and no reasonable likelihood of conviction, though the lawsuit against the musician is ongoing.

Last month, MGK nearly got into a physical altercation with former UFC champion Conor McGregor. The musician threw shade at Slipknot soon after, causing a portion of fans at the Louder Than Life festival to boo MGK as he performed. Video of the concert seems to show MGK punching a concert attendee after the man pushed Kelly.

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