Marilyn Manson may not win an Oscar for his short film 'Born Villain,' directed by Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf, but he can rejoice in the fact that the movie earned the honor of the WTF Moment of the Year in the 2011 Loudwire Music Awards.

The six-minute video is perhaps the most disturbing video Manson has made in his entire career and is definitely NSFW. Check it out here if you aren’t faint of heart. It was directed by LaBeouf, most famous for starring in the 'Transformers' movie.

In winning this category, Manson beat out the much-maligned collaborative album 'Lulu' from Metallica and Lou Reed, as well as other WTF moments involving Courtney Love, Scott Weiland and Jack White.

So, it's congratulations (we guess?) to Marilyn Manson and Shia LaBeouf for nabbing the WTF Moment of the Year honor in the 2011 Loudwire Music Awards. See the voting results below and click on the red button for the next category: