Maynard James Keenan is a man of many bands, and now he's adding newspaper columnist to his list of responsibilities. The singer for Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer has agreed to write a bi-weekly column for Up on the Sun and the Phoenix New Times.

Keenan, who also has become a successful vineyard owner, will use the space to speak about his passions - music and wine - as well as whatever else may strike him at any given time. The column debuts this coming Monday, Sept. 10.

As for his bands, back in July Keenan stated that there were no concrete plans for A Perfect Circle after reuniting for a tour last year. However, he did state that when the time was right, a new album could be made. Plus, they've already signed on to play Australia's Soundwave Festival early next year. Puscifer, meanwhile, spent the month of June on the road.

The group that looks to be next on deck for Keenan is Tool. Back in late July, drummer Danny Carey stated that he and Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor had been spending plenty of time together trying to come up with enough material ready for when Keenan was ready to record. In late 2011, Keenan stated that he was giving his bandmates enough time to do what they needed to do before he returned.