It's been a couple of years since Metalocalypse aired on Adult Swim and so far the animated series featuring the heavy metal band Dethklok has not been successful in finding an outlet to wrap up the series. But that may be about to change with the help of the fans.

A Metalocalypse countdown clock recently started and when the final seconds ticked off, it was revealed that a sponsored campaign is underway to show that the demand for a series finale is worth an outlet to pick up.

Creator Brendon Small revealed via live at New York's Comic-Con that they've teamed with Rocksmith for a campaign called "Metalocalypse Now," designed to combine the efforts of grassroots supporters with the heavy metal community, record labels, comedians and instrument brands in showing their support for the series.

Metalocalypse, to this day, has a ridiculously strong viewership," says Small. "The show has become a part of the metal community and we want to give the fans an opportunity to demand what is rightfully theirs!”

Using a combination of social media, an online petition and other avenues, the "Metalocalypse Now" campaign will show Adult Swim and streaming service Hulu that viewers will turn out if the finale is generated and aired.

If you want to see a finale, tweet @hulu and @adultswim with the #metalocalypsenow, sign a petition at or, if you don't use social media, send an envelope with guitar picks and a note enclosed that tells Hulu that if they finish Metalocalypse, you'll watch it. Your message can be sent to:


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