Oceano fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the band just revealed that they will not be breaking up after the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. Quite the contrary -- the band is currently working on their next album and are planning to tour.

Oceano released a statement on their official Facebook as the band's frontman Adam Warren stated, "With rumors running around, and haters trolling in their own discontent, it IS true. Oceano will be staying alive and kicking for the rest of 2012 and far beyond."

He goes on to say, "After essentially removing ourselves entirely from touring and the music aspect of our lives for almost 8 months, we all got to spend time with our families and friends and rediscover “normal” life. We rarely experienced this being a part of Oceano. So it felt amazing. But also, within all the valuable time home the itch slowly started to come back."

Warren even teased fans about the band's upcoming album. "We’re beyond stoked to get back to work and infect every listener with our brand of Windy City Death, but this WON’T be the Oceano you knew from last year, or even before that. The stakes are higher, s--ts gonna get heavier, and we’re coming to entice destruction and bloodshed in every city. See you soon.“

The group's upcoming album is set for a 2013 release and will be the first since 2010's 'Contagion'.

Oceano's band manager Derek Brewer also said, “I wasn’t going to let something this good go … I am very proud of this band and their accomplishments all the way from the time I first starting working with them -- when they were playing in front of 30 kids every night at all ages community center shows, to selling out well-respected clubs across the US on their last headline tour.

Brewer continues, "So when the band reached out to me to figure out a way to get things back in action, I was more than eager to do what I could to make it happen.”

So far the band is gearing up for The Jamboree at Headliners in Toledo, Ohio on April 15, The New England Metal and Hardcore Fest in Worcester, Mass on April 20, and The Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Ill on May 5. There are also plans for underway for Oceano to join in a massive summer tour in the U.S. and to return to Europe for more touring this fall. Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

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