On March 14, the much-anticipated trailer for the remake of The Crow was released. While many fans of the original film intensely debated the new version starring Bill Skarsgard, others were going back and forth on the song choice for the trailer, which features the haunting vocals of Ozzy Osbourne.

It's not quite a deep cut but it is also far from a well-known track; here is what you need to know about the song in The Crow trailer — and what some people on X (formerly Twitter) think about it.

What Song Is In The Crow Remake Trailer?

If you aren't immediately familiar with the song featured in the new trailer, don't feel too bad. While Ozzy's vocals are instantly recognizable, the song itself may not be.

That's because it isn't an Ozzy original; the track is "Take What You Want" by Post Malone, featured on the rapper's third studio album, 2019's Hollywood's Bleeding. In addition to Ozzy, "Take What You Want" includes another rapper, Travis Scott.

It might seem a bit strange for Ozzy to have guested on a Post Malone track, but it shouldn't come as too big of a surprise given the fact that Andrew Watt and Louis Bell were the producers on the song as well as on Hollywood's Bleeding.

Less than a year after the release of Hollywood's Bleeding, Bell and Watt produced Ozzy's 12th studio album, Ordinary Man. In fact, "Take What You Want" was featured as a bonus track on the CD, cassette and digital releases of Ordinary Man.

Post also appeared as a special guest on the album cut, "It's a Raid."

Then, in 2022, Watt and Ozzy teamed up again for the Prince of Darkness' 13th and, as of right now, most recent LP, Patient Number 9.

Watt has an impressive history in the rock world as he also produced Iggy Pop's Every Loser, Rolling Stones' Hackney Diamonds, Eddie Vedder's Earthling and Pearl Jam's upcoming album, Dark Matter.

Why Post Malone Wanted to Work With Ozzy Osbourne

By now, it also shouldn't be a huge surprise that a guy like Post would want to work with Ozzy. The rapper has been very open about his love and appreciation for all things rock and roll.

Whether it's playing with Eddie Vedder or covering Alice In Chains, Post has earned the respect of many of his peers in the rock world. In 2018, Lars Ulrich shared a photo hanging with Post and Metallica bandmate Robert Trujillo:

When "Take What You Want" was released, Louis Bell told Billboard, "Post has been a huge Ozzy fan since he was a kid. This was definitely a dream come true for him."

It was Andrew Watt who made the dream come true. As Billboard described, Watt pitched Kelly Osbourne on the idea at a friend's party and there was immediate intrigue.

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"Kelly played him the tape and he loved it, but then I didn't hear anything for awhile," Watt explained to Billboard.

"I kept texting Kelly over and over again, and all of a sudden, we got the text from her that said, 'Dad's going to do the song. He loves it.'"

A few years later, Ozzy shared his love for Post by giving him his very own CryptoBat NFT:

Fans React to Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne Soundtracking The Crow Remake Trailer

It's a bit of a mixed bag as far as what fans think about the inclusion of "Take What You Want" in the new trailer.

Some are confused by the song itself — it wasn't uncommon for some social media users to think this was a new Ozzy song made specifically for The Crow — while others praise the song and hate the trailer.

Check out a sampling of reactions from X (formerly Twitter) below and then watch the trailer for yourself:

Watch The Crow Remake Trailer

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