Yungblud has responded to a troll who is claiming that he wasn't actually playing guitar at a recent concert and was miming instead.

According to Guitarworld, after someone on Twitter shared a Tiktok video of Yungblud removing his guitar before finishing a solo, the musician took to Twitter to clarify.

Twitter user @findalby tweeted, "Guitars not even plugged for fucks sake" and Yungblud didn't hesitate to break down why he wasn't miming and why the guitar wasn't plugged in.

Yungblud ended the rant to the troll on Twitter by saying this:

Explaining himself to trolls is not unusual for Yungblud who is known for having a no-filter relationship with his fanbase. According to Australian Guitar, Yungblud always does this before releasing a song, "I have three things I ask myself before I put a song out: Is it telling the truth? Could anybody else sing it? And do I fucking mean it? And I answer those three questions correctly, I'll put it out."

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