Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke has courted his own amount of trouble over the years, but he's doing his best to change that path and that means distancing himself from up-and-coming rockers I See Stars. Radke reveals that the young band has been kicked off 'The Thug in Me Is You' tour at his request.

Radke, who previously dealt with substance abuse issues of his own, says that the time had come for I See Stars to go after failing to live up to the second chance they were given after their own arrest for drug possession earlier this year.

The singer offered a full Facebook posting to explain his reasoning for the band's exit from the tour. It reads as follows:

I wanted to let everyone know I See Stars is no longer on the tour. We had offered them the tour several months back and then not long after we sent the offer, the entire band was arrested for drug possession. If you have been following my story, you know I am very serious about my sobriety and have been sober for 4+ years now. I decided to remove them from the tour at that time as I did not want drug users in my environment.

After we informed them they would no longer be on the tour for that reason, their label approached us and asked us to give them a 2nd chance, they assured us the band would not use drugs and they would be professional on my tour. We came to an agreement and I gave them their 2nd chance.

Throughout this entire tour, they have been unprofessional. They have rarely showed up on time and have caused undue difficulty on my crew plus employees of the various venues. It's been next to impossible to keep the show running on time. I feel at this point we have no choice but to continue on without them. We're simply trying to deliver the best possible show to all you guys and we don't feel like we can do that with I See Stars. We're stoked to continue on with Enter Shikari, Letlive and Matt Toka (on select dates). I'll see you at the shows.

Love and respect, Ronnie.

Saturday morning (Nov. 3), I See Stars issued their own statement on the situation, contradicting Radke's comments and suggesting something more was involved in their ousting. Their statement reads as follows:

We have been kicked off the Falling In Reverse Tour by Ronnie Radke. It has nothing to do with “drugs” or “being late” His statement is entirely false. An official statement from Sumerian Records showing the truth of why we were removed is coming. All emails and contracts have been documented and will be shown publicly in the response to Ronnie’s post. You will find out exactly what happened and you will be disgusted to say the least.

We promise you us getting ejected today has absolutely nothing to do with his lies about drug use on the tour or being late. It has everything to do with Ronnie’s antagonistic violent behavior towards us, his ego, his malicious intent, his financial greed and his demands of no one being allowed to know the truth behind the scenes of this tour.

Back in late August, multiple members of I See Stars were arrested in Kansas for alleged possession of hallucinogenic drugs. At the time, singer Devin Oliver tweeted about it, calling it "the worst 13 hours of my life" and vowed it would be his "first and last time in jail."