Falling in Reverse's new song "Watch the World Burn" is all anyone can talk about and for a good number of reasons. But the one question on a lot of fans' minds is whether or not vocalist Ronnie Radke can pull off the rap portion of the viral track.

The answer, simply, is yes. Are Falling in Reverse using backing tracks while playing it? The answer to that question is also yes, but it bares little significance in regards to the band's full effort onstage.

The group is a genuine hybrid of styles, known for deploying beats and rap sections to contrast the rock elements of their sound, so utilizing these backing tracks not only mirrors what's commonplace in rap and hip-hop, but is entirely necessary to full replicating their dynamic sound live.

And while this is hardly the first time Radke has had to meet the studio demands of replicating his rapping onstage, "Watch the World Burn" presents a particular challenge for his uber rapid delivery.

As seen in the fan-filmed video below from Falling in Reverse's co-headlining tour with Papa Roach and special guests Hollywood Undead and Escape the Fate, Radke capably handles the most difficult parts, trading off lines with bassist Tyler Burgess, who brings an added sense of ferocity to an already hard-hitting track that has garnered over five million views on YouTube within one week of its release.

In the comments sections on the two videos, fans also seem pretty blown away.

One commenter exclaims, "Dude, Ronnie is Ronnie, but the bassist (and backing vocals) is fucking killing it!" Another questions, "How the heck did they played [sic] this 'live' and nail it so perfectly?"

"No fucking way dude. Can't fucking believe it's this good live. Insane," adds another.

During the first minute of the song, only Radke and Burgess are onstage and the rest of the members of Falling in Reverse reclaim their spots in preparation for when the song flips from rap to a burst of full band rock/metal, making it clear that they're not trying to hide anything about their live setup.

"Good lord this performance is killer. The bassist and Ronnie duo holy smokes, he's just awesome," enthuses another commenter.

It's all rave reviews from fans so far.

Catch Falling in Reverse on tour now at these dates. Get tickets for their co-headlining tour with Papa Roach here.

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