Motorhead may be gone as a recording and touring entity, but the name lives on in wake of frontman Lemmy Kilmister's death. One of the most celebrated names in rock along with their visually striking Snaggletooth mascot, the brand is still one to be admired. The latest celebration of Motorhead comes with the launch of 'Snaggletooth' hard cider!

The bottles are branded with the infamous white Snaggletooth mascot atop a black background with 'Snaggletooth' along the curvature of the top of the label and 'Cider' resting on the bottom imprinted with Motorhead's signature lettering. Snaggletooth cider comes in at the relative standard of 5.5 percent ABV and is housed in 500 ml bottles. The effort comes as a result of the combined work of Global Brews and Icon Beverage Company.

Commenting on the brew, guitarist Phil Campbell stated, "As a long time cider aficionado. I am well qualified and proud to recommend this golden liquid.”

While hard cider is typically synonymous with the fall season, the arrival of warm weather can call for a crisp, relaxing hard cider just as much as any cool night sitting by the fire as the leaves lose their color and fall to the ground. Fans looking to knock back a bottle of Snaggletooth can order here and those lucky enough to live in the U.K. will also be able to find the product locally at Morrison's stores starting May 16.

The cider stands in a long line of pre-established Motorhead alcoholic beverages, which now includes whiskey, wine, beer and vodka. Not to mention Lemmy's ever-present Jack and Coke favorite has seen bars rename the drink in his honor after fans launched a petition vying for the name change.

Motorhead are set to release the Clean Your Clock live CD/DVD on June 10. The material was culled from the band's final two performances in Germany and a video of "Bomber" can be seen here.

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