While 2013 was a great year for music, we sadly lost several rockers along the way. Some names will be instantly familiar, including a few legends in the metal world, while others are from lesser known acts. Here's a tribute to those rockers we lost in 2013:

  • Tell All Your Friends PR
    Tell All Your Friends PR

    Sourosh and Arash Farazmand

    Yellow Dogs guitarist Sourosh Farazamand and his brother, drummer Arash Farazmand were tragically killed by a gunman in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Nov. 11. The two musicians and a friend were fatally shot by gunman Raefe Ahkbar, a fellow Iranian musician who was at one point associated with a band that was friendly with the Yellow Dogs. Ahkbar committed suicide following the shootings.

  • Blackheart

    Lee Crystal

    Onetime Joan Jett & the Blackhearts drummer Lee 'Crystal' Sackett passed away Nov. 5 due to complications from multiple sclerosis. Crystal played with the band through the '80s, following a stint as a drummer for former New York Dolls member Sylvain Sylvain. He would later man the kit for Crash Conference and Secret Chiefs.

  • Jay West, WireImage
    Jay West, WireImage

    Jan Kuehnemund

    Founding Vixen guitarist Jan Kuehnemund passed away Oct. 10 from cancer at the age of 51. She joined the all-girl hard rock band in 1980 and was with the group when they spawned their late '80s singles 'Edge of a Broken Heart' and 'Cryin'.'

  • Photo courtesy of Earsplit PR
    Photo courtesy of Earsplit PR

    Joey LaCaze

    Eyehategod drummer Joey LaCaze died Aug. 23 from respiratory failure at the age of 42. The drummer was a pioneer in the sludge metal genre and an integral part to Eyehategod's success.

  • channel-zero.be

    Phil Baheux

    Drummer Phil Baheux of Belgian metal band Channel Zero passed on Aug. 10 at the age of 45. The group had disbanded in 1997 but reunited in 2010 and released the 2011 album 'Feed 'Em With a Brick' via Roadrunner Records.


  • New Renaissance
    New Renaissance

    Teddy Days

    Former Hellion bassist Teddy Days died on July 17, though details of his death remained shrouded in mystery. Days' onetime bandmate Ann Boleyn posted a message stating that Days had been in a serious car accident months earlier and his depression led him to a standoff with police. It was not known whether his passing was by police or of his own doing.

  • YouTube: Behold! the Monolith
    YouTube: Behold! the Monolith

    Kevin McDade

    Behold! the Monolith singer/bassist Kevin McDade sadly perished June 21 in a car accident. McDade fronted the band since 2007. Their most recent album was 2012's 'Defender, Redeemist.'

  • Ethan Miller, Getty Images
    Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    Mick Morris

    Longtime Eighteen Visions bassist Mick Morris died June 2 at the age of 35 from a pre-existing heart condition. After the band split in 2007, Morris went to work as a tech for Hatebreed.

  • Uriah Heep: Official Website
    Uriah Heep: Official Website

    Trevor Bolder

    Trevor Bolder, who came to fame playing bass for both Uriah Heep and David Bowie, passed away on May 21 from cancer. The 62-year-old musician also played trumpet on four of Bowie's early '70s albums before joining Uriah Heep in 1976.

  • Facebook: Last Crack
    Facebook: Last Crack

    Phil Buerstatte

    Former White Zombie and Last Crack drummer Phil Buerstatte passed away in late May at the age of 44. Buerstatte was a member of White Zombie from 1992-94 and performed on their 'La Sexorcisto' tour. He also recorded three songs with the band that were designated for various soundtracks and compilations.

  • Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
    Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

    Ray Manzarek

    The legendary Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek passed away May 20 at the age of 74. His work on such standouts as 'Break on Through,' 'Peace Frog' and 'L.A. Woman' made him one of the most respected musicians in rock. He died from bile duct cancer.

  • Mary Ouellette, SheWillShootYou.com
    Mary Ouellette, SheWillShootYou.com

    Jeff Hanneman

    Slayer guitar great Jeff Hanneman succumbed to liver failure on May 2 at the age of 49. As a member of Slayer, Hanneman was responsible for not only great guitar licks but a good portion of the band's songwriting. His work can be heard on some of the greatest albums in metal history, including the iconic 'Reign in Blood.'

  • Krokusonline.seven49.net

    Dani Crivelli

    The onetime Krokus drummer Dani Crivelli passed away in the spring of 2013. Crivelli joined Krokus in 1987, performing on such staples as 'Rock 'n' Roll Tonight' and 'Wild Love.'

  • Gary Livingston, Getty Images
    Gary Livingston, Getty Images

    Chi Cheng

    Deftones bassist Chi Cheng passed away early in the morning of April 13 at the age of 42. The musician had spent the last few years in a semi-conscious state after being involved in 2008 car crash.

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    Neil Smith

    Early AC/DC bassist Neil Smith passed away April 7 after a battle with cancer. Smith was with the group in 1974, but was replaced by Mark Evans a year later. He would later join the band Rose Tattoo in 1978.

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    Slawek 'Mortifer' Archangielski

    Hate bassist Slawek 'Mortifer' Archangielski died suddenly on April 5 at the age of 27. The Polish death metal act was on tour at the time when they discovered the musician's lifeless body. Mortifer joined the band in 2007 and most recently appeared on 2013's 'Solarflesh: A Gospel of Radiant Divinity.'

  • Hulton Archive, Getty Images
    Hulton Archive, Getty Images

    Clive Burr

    Longtime Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr succumbed to complications from multiple sclerosis on March 12 at the age of 56. The drummer was celebrated for his work on many of the band's albums, and also performed with the Bruce Dickinson-led band Samson. Burr had suffered from MS for several years later in his life.

  • TenYearsAfter.com

    Alvin Lee

    Ten Years After singer/guitarist Alvin Lee passed away March 6 at the age of 68. Considered a legend in the blues rock world, Lee released 11 studio albums and 7 live releases during his time with the band. A number of tributes poured in following his passing, including Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler who called Lee "a true great and major influence."

  • Cayne: Official Facebook Page
    Cayne: Official Facebook Page

    Claudio Leo

    Onetime Lacuna Coil guitarist Claudio Leo passed away in January. The guitarist started with the band in the mid-'90s when they still went by the name Sleep of Right. He split after their 1998 self-titled EP. Leo also started the band Cayne in 1999 with another former Lacuna Coil member, Raffaele Zagaria.

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    Kent Abbott

    Kent Abbott, who played guitar for the bands Grade and Somehow Hollow, passed away Jan. 7 at the age of 32. Abbott played on five albums with Grade until they split in 2002. He also founded the pop-punk outfit Somehow Hollow in 2000.

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