UPDATE: Shortly after Kling's latest tease started making the rounds, Corey Taylor commented on social media. Though not naming Kling by name, he stated, "To everyone wondering about our new drummer, it's not him. Stop letting him troll you. He's not even on the list. #hesnot666."

Slipknot's rumored new drummer may have just dropped another huge hint on Instagram as fans continue to speculate who will replace Jay Weinberg.

In a move that "blindsided" Weinberg, who joined Slipknot in 2014 in place of founding member Joey Jordison, the band revealed on Nov. 5 that they had made the "creative decision" to part ways with him. The announcement was made roughly 48 hours after Weinberg had played what turned out to be his last show with the multi-platinum masked group.

Just over one week later, veteran metal drummer Jeramie Kling, who recently vacated his position in Venom Inc., went public with an Instagram post that featured a deep red Slipknot logo with the stylized S behind it set against a black backdrop. The caption on the quickly-deleted post read, "Drumming is simply a matter of timing. Bring it to you. Invite the chaos."

Kling, who also has experience in The Absence, Inhuman Condition, Ex Deo and many more, quickly became the primary suspect in regards to who may fill the vacancy left after Weinberg's dismissal.

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Fueling the speculative fire, last week the drummer shared news that his new drum kit had arrived, leaving two major clues that may or may not tie in to Slipknot.

Most notably, among the hashtags included was #im666, immediately calling to mind the refrain in Slipknot's hit Iowa track "Heretic Anthem" — "If you're 555, then I'm 666."

Additionally, the swirling yellow/orange colors are not far off from the color scheme seen on Slipknot's most recent album, The End, So Far, which can be seen directly beneath Kling's Instagram post for comparison.

Slipknot, The End, So Far Album Cover

Slipknot, 'The End, So Far'
Roadrunner Records

Earlier this year, Slipknot shocked fans with the sudden dismissal of longtime keyboardist Craig Jones. It has not been officially confirmed who the new member is, but the band did post a photo of this mystery musician's mask.

Over the summer, Michael "Tortilla Man" Pfaff may have accidentally revealed this new member's identity. Pfaff's own identity was kept under wraps for years, even as fans thought they had already figured it out, so it could be a while before any word comes down from Slipknot regarding who has joined the band this year.

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